Ed Voyles Kia Payment Calculator in Smyrna, GA

How to Use the Payment Calculator Tool at Ed Voyles Kia

Once you've found the perfect Kia Soul, Kia Forte, or Kia Niro in our inventory, your next move is financing it.

We know that the financing process can sometimes seem stressful and overwhelming which is why we work hard to give our customers a variety of available tools to save them time and add transparency. One such tool is the Payment Calculator which can be found on our website.

* These calculations are for reference purposes only. All figures are estimates only and are not guaranteed as accurate. Always consult a professional financial advisor.

What is the Payment Calculator Tool & How Do You Use It?

Unless you have the cash to pay for your vehicle in full, you will either need to take out an auto loan or you will need to work out leasing terms in our dealership. To get a better understanding of your own financial situation before you sit down with our finance team, we encourage you to use our payment calculator to see what you can afford.

To use the tool, first input the price of the vehicle you have been looking at. Next, enter a value for the down payment you can put up. The remaining variables are the APR (financing rate) and the length of the term--both of which can be manipulated to give you a bigger picture. Once the values have been plugged in, an estimated monthly payment value will appear and the graph to the right will skew to show you other options. If you would like to start over at any point, hit the reset button and begin again.


If you encounter any difficulty with the online payment calculator tool or any other of our online tools and resources, please call our sales line at (770) 933-7599 so one of our sales representatives can walk you through the steps. If you are ready to come in to speak about financing in person, either call ahead to let us know, or drop by our Smyrna lot during business hours and we will set you up with someone.