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4 signs that you have engine cooling system problems.

It is important to maintain the cooling system of your car properly, otherwise, you will have to deal with a broken down vehicle on the side of the road. The cooling system is working to keep the temperature of the engine under control by moving the heat away from it.

It is important that you are aware of the signs which mean that your engine cooling system is not working properly. It will allow you to get the vehicle fixed on time before any further damage. Here we have the 4 warning signs that will help you know that the cooling system is not working properly.

1-Adding more coolant repeatedly

Under the hood, you can check the level of the coolant. You should check it on the regular basis after a few months and especially before a long trip. In case the coolant level is falling below the safe limits on a regular basis it means that the system is leaking. You have to look for spots under your vehicle or when:

• You pull away after being parked
• Cracked hoses or bulging
• Hissing sound or a sweet smell when you open the hood

You might have to deal with an overheated engine if you do not resolve the issue on time. Remember that repeatedly adding coolant in your vehicle is not normal.

2-Temperature Gauge Reading showing a Red Zone

It is important to have a temperature gauge on your dashboard that will let you know how hot the car is running. If the cooling system is working properly, it will take the heat away from the engine to the radiator to dissipate it.

Even if you are driving the vehicle on a hot summer day, the reading of the temperature gauge should remain below red zone. When you notice the needle is going near the red zone it means the cooling system is not working properly. You might need more coolant or there is a bigger issue that will need to be looked at by a professional auto repair.

3-Poor gas mileage
If the engine is running hot, its efficiency will be reduced. If the temperature of the engine is extra hot or cool, it will be using more fuel because the gas is not vaporizing properly. A few times a year, you should check the logged mileage of your vehicle just in case there is a remarkable difference; it indicates that there is a cooling system problem. Remember that the mileage might be affected by your driving style or the age of the tires so it might not be directly linked to the cooling system but an expert technician in auto repair will be able to diagnose and let you know if there is an issue.

4-Coolant light is on

One of the most important indications that you have a cooling system issue is when the coolant light on the dashboard is on. It is the warning sign that the level of coolant in your vehicle is low. Most of the times you only have to replace the coolant but there can be a leak as well that you might need to be aware and bring to your auto repair to get your vehicle checked.

Take extra care of your vehicle and maintain the cooling system if you want to extend the life of your car. Pay special attention to the signs to keep yourself and your vehicle safe.  If you think there might be a problem with your engine cooling system don't hesitate to bring it to Ed Voyles KIA where one of our expert certified technicians will check and diagnose if there is a problem.  Schedule your service appointment today with our Service Department we are conveniently located in Smyrna, near Marietta, Atlanta and Roswell for your convenience.


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