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Cobb Parkway Kia Dealership

Your local Cobb Parkway Kia dealership

At our Kia dealership on Cobb Pkwy, you will discover a better new car buying experience. Our friendly team is knowledgeable and you are treated like family at Ed Voyles Kia. Our expert finance team will help you get into the new Kia car or SUV you need at the best price we can offer. Enjoy a hassle-free car buying experience with our no-pressure approach and convenient online tools to save you time and money. When it comes to buying a new Kia on Cobb Parkway, Ed Voyles is one of Smyrna’s favorite Kia dealerships.

6 Reasons To Choose A New Kia Car Or SUV

Kia is a long-standing name in the market that comes with innovative and high-tech features. Kia vehicles don’t just look great but keep user safety and comfort in mind, along with proving to be great value for money.

Along with its gas engines, Kia also has ventured into electric and hybrid cars with its Kia Niro – which you can get as a hybrid, full electric, or plug-in hybrid – and the Kia Soul EV, which is electric.

Here is why you need a Kia car in your life:

  • Performance: The performance of Kia cars and SUVs is remarkable even over long periods. The cars are rigorously tested to ensure good drive quality without breakdowns and issues with maintenance. The efficiency levels of Kia vehicles are high. The engineering team at Kia has greatly improved mileage and carbon dioxide emissions. In comparison to leading manufacturers, these are better or rank at par with them.
  • Design: Kia cars are designed while keeping the owners’ demands and preferences in mind. It’s not just functional but also appealing to the eyes. Kia’s styling makes it more desirable than many other players in the market that have been there for much longer. When driving down Cobb Pkwy in your new Kia, you know you’re among the best-looking cars on the road. Functionality has never looked more stylish. Kia cars and SUVs strive to offer the utmost safety and sleek good looks without sacrificing functionality.
  • Warranty: Kia cars generally come with a warranty of seven years, just like they did back in 2007, which is more than most other car brand offers. Initially, it was only offered with selective models, but now this incredible warranty is being offered with the entire range. This instills trust in the brand at the consumer’s end, just like the company has faith in its models.
  • Price: You can find an incredible deal on a Cobb Parkway Kia. Kia cars and SUVs are a great value for the money with their reasonable prices. You won’t need to be overburdened with debt to purchase a stylish car, has elegant features, and gives a good performance. Another attractive feature that Kia is famous for is lower than the average auto insurance rates. You can save a lot on your insurance premiums by switching your old car for a new Kia because of Kia’s strong safety ratings and low cost of repair.
  • Safety Standards: Standard safety features like hill start assist, airbags, crumple zone in the rear and front, rollover sensors for SUVs, and crossovers are an important part of the Kia lineup on Cobb Pkwy. The majority of the Kia cars also feature stability control, active front head restraints, and a traction system. These superb safety features have given Kia cars great safety ratings. Many of the models have been awarded five-star ratings in crash tests conducted by government authorities. Even for highway use, Kia models have gotten great ratings from The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
  • Competitive Mileage: Fuel efficiency is often overlooked when choosing a car but is quite important in the long run. A good fuel economy doesn’t just save money, but it also reduces carbon emissions and protects the environment. Just by owning a fuel-efficient Kia car or SUV, you are helping curtail the impact of climate change and oil dependence, making the earth a better place to live in. Kia has several models with fuel averages of 30 MPG or more. The compact Kia Forte and the Kia Optima Sedan feature an average of 32 MPG. The Niro hybrid crossover has the best MPG in Kia’s entire lineup with an estimated fuel average of 51 MPG, making it strong competition for the higher-priced Toyota Prius.

Discover Your Local Kia Cobb Parkway Dealership

Kia cars and SUVs are a great investment and one that you won’t regret. With so many options available, you are bound to find a Kia model that meets your requirements. You might have seen a stylish car on the road that made your head turn because you mistook it for an Audi or Lexus while it was a trusty Kia. So why pay more when you can get the same benefits with a Kia and that too at a fraction of the cost?

Discover your local Kia Cobb Pkwy dealership and check out the amazing offers on new and certified pre-owned Kia cars & SUVs. We encourage you to get in touch and schedule a test drive of your favorite new Kia model. Take advantage of our online tools and save time and money when you visit our Kia dealership on Cobb Parkway.

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