Preferred Kia Dealer Near Atlanta

October 1st, 2021 by

Preferred New Kia Dealer Near Atlanta

Whether new or used, buying a vehicle is one of the biggest investments that you will make in your life. If you are in the market for a new vehicle, you probably plan to research the features – safety, driver-assistance, infotainment system, technology, exterior, interior, cargo, storage, engine, performance, and transmission – before finalizing the model of your choice. However, the process doesn’t end here! After selecting your desired model, you will now be searching for the vehicle at the lowest possible price. We recommend getting your car from our Kia Atlanta dealership to get a high-performing, reliable vehicle at a budget-friendly cost. Read on to learn some benefits of buying a new Kia from our Kia dealership near Atlanta.

Kia Dealer Near Atlanta With An Established Reputation

It is impossible to know what to expect when you purchase a car from a private party- as there’s a high probability that the selling party might not be upfront with you about your to-be vehicle’s maintenance history and accidental conditions. However, this is a sheer contrast from purchasing a vehicle from a reputable Kia Atlanta dealership concerned with its reputation in the community. The Atlanta Kia experts have worked hard to establish a widely recognized and respected name that stands the test of time. Therefore, to maintain our reputation, Ed Voyles Kia will provide you with 100% authentic information and a transparent vehicle buyer-seller process, assuring customer satisfaction.

Flexible Payments

When buying from a private seller cash payment is the only option at your disposal, which makes the process financially challenging. However, you will have multiple car financing options to serve your budget needs with our Kia dealership near Atlanta.

Time Flexibility

Apart from the wide variety of vehicle and financial options available at our Kia Atlanta dealership, we also provide you with time to consider your decision. Moreover, even if the vehicle of your choice isn’t available or sold out, our Kia dealership will research to provide you with the best alternative according to your budget needs and requirements.

Greater Buyer Protection

When purchasing a pre-owned vehicle, there are a number of risks factors – quality, interior, and exterior condition, and fuel mileage – that the owners need to account for. The percentage of these problems is far greater when buying a car “as seen” from a private seller. On the other hand, our Kia Atlanta dealership is legally bound to ensure that your second-hand vehicle works efficiently and fits all purposes. However, even if some vehicle malfunction occurs, we will be more than happy to check it out at our professional auto service center.

Higher Quality Cars At Kia Dealership Near Atlanta

The private seller market is filled with two types of vehicles – outdated models and newer models with underlying malfunctions (that will probably be kept secret from you). While our Kia dealership near Atlanta offers new Kia cars and SUVs for sale, we also have older models, finding high-quality and reliable vehicles is much easier. This is because most pre-owned vehicles are returned car leasing models, meaning that they have been used by professionals who gave them back simply because the lease ended. Most of the high-quality used vehicles at our Kia Atlanta dealership come with comforting add-ons and low mileage, and that too at an affordable price.

Vehicle History

When buying a car from private sellers, know that they are the only sole source of information about the vehicle and that most of them will say anything to make a sale. This means hiding important information- accidents, past repairs, or vehicle modifications. Some private sellers may also lie about the number of vehicle owners, whereas others might try to sell a stolen car. Committing to a transparent buying-selling process, our Kia Atlanta dealer will provide you with all the essential information – AutoCheck report, CarFax – and an open communication channel until you are satisfied.

Find The Car Of Your Dreams At Your Local Atlanta Kia Dealership

Choosing a new Kia car or SUV is a sound investment and choosing Ed Voyles Kia dealership near Atlanta just makes sense. We invite you to check our new and used vehicle specials to save you even more. Contact Ed Voyles Kia near Atlanta and schedule a test drive of your favorite new Kia model or preferred used car. Take advantage of our online tools and save time and money when you visit our Kia dealership near Atlanta.