The 3 Parts You Might Need to Replace in Your Car’s Lifetime

March 6th, 2019 by

Just like anything else material, cars eventually breakdown as their parts get worn. Even the strongest and most reliable Kia vehicles experience this degradation which is why at Ed Voyles, we work hard to stock up on Kia parts to help keep your cars running safely and smoothly for longer.

Some parts are more prone to breakdown than others (depending on your car use), so be sure to keep an eye out for the following items:

#1: Battery Death

While drivers in colder climates have to worry more about battery death, drivers in warmer climates are also at risk. In fact, high temperatures and excessive heat can cause your car battery to corrode and leak. Heat can get trapped and made stronger under the hood and battery fluid can escape and evaporate leading to a break down.

To avoid this problem, have your battery checked often and come into our service center for a replacement if necessary.

#2: Light Burnout

Another common break down involves the lights on your vehicle. This could happen to your blinker lights, taillights, or interior lights, but the most frequent issues we see are with headlights.

This problem can occur from a simple burnout (broken filament), a wiring issue, a loose bulb, a corroded socket, and in some cases, a deeper mechanical problem. In any event, when you visit our service center we can address this issue quickly for you and have you out with a replacement in no time.

#3: Spark Plug Breakdown

As your spark plugs age, they can experience deposit buildup (from pre-ignition fuel) and material breakdown which can cause they to strain while working or stop working at all. If this happens, your car will experience shaky starts and acceleration, and could even stop starting all together.

Though they typically last for several thousand miles, if your spark plugs need to be replaced, come to see us immediately so we can help.

Where to Get Kia Parts?

Whether you are looking for Kia parts to DIY or you are looking for a trusted service center to source parts for you, we can help. Reach out to the parts center with any questions at (770) 933-5762 or drop by our Smyrna lot today.

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