Trusted Kia Dealer Near Kennesaw

September 24th, 2021 by

New Kia Dealer Near Kennesaw

There’s a Kia dealer Kennesaw trusts more than any other. Ed Voyles Kia has served Kennesaw and the surrounding North Georgia area for decades. Read on to find out why we should be your first choice Kia Dealer near Kennesaw.

Our Kennesaw Kia Dealership Can Handle It All

As a new Kia dealer near Kennesaw, we do more than just sell new cars and SUVs. A new car dealership can help with finance options, buy your old car, offer full auto service, and help you take care of all your present and future new Kia needs. We also always have a wide assortment of certified pre-owned Kia cars and SUVs, as well as a variety of quality, used vehicles to choose from.

Easier Car Buying Process

Buying a car can be a stressful and long process. It might be one of the biggest financial decisions you have to make, and so you need to be wary of the many risks and pitfalls that can come your way especially if this is your first time purchasing a vehicle. When you buy through a Kia dealer near Kennesaw, it takes a lot of this pressure off your shoulders. This is our job and we are experts at handling all the minute details involved in a new Kia car sale including the paperwork, registration, and transfer of title processes.

Trusted Kennesaw Kia Dealer Offers Warranties & Guarantees

A trusted Kia dealer near Kennesaw would thoroughly inspect any car they are selling and even ensure all repairs are made and the vehicle you choose is in ideal condition. Of course, you should always inspect it yourself too and involve an expert if you like. If the dealer you choose sells new and used cars of the same manufacturer, like Voyles Kia, then you could even receive higher warranty protection on “approved” used cars and certified pre-owned Kia SUVs and cars.

Customer-Centric Convenience

Our Kia Dealership serving Kennesaw is focused on your convenience and comfort. We ensure we are efficient at our job and the customer receives an optimum new car buying experience. A good dealership would have excellent customer service, comfortable lounges, and a user-friendly website you can surf through while choosing your favorite car. Ed Voyles Kia near Kennesaw offers all of those things and more. In keeping with a customer-centric focus, we offer scheduled auto service, an always-available expert car finance team, and a team that is knowledgeable to answer all your questions.

Discount Auto Service Pricing Near Kennesaw

Dealerships are in constant competition with automotive retail chains and garages, so they price their repairs, services, oil changes, and all other services quite competitively. Furthermore, if you purchase your car from our Kia Dealership near Kennesaw, you have an established relationship with them and can trust them with your vehicle.

We often run auto service specials that are designed to save you more, while ensuring your vehicle maintenance is performed by certified automotive technicians. The quality of our auto service directly reflects on us and we make sure you always receive fast, courteous, and professional vehicle maintenance.

Kennesaw Kia Dealer With A Good Relationship With The Community

Having a good relationship with our Kennesaw and North Georgia communities is important to our Kia dealership. We take the time to know the brand, the vehicle, and your needs more than anyone, and we will advise you better on how to take care of your new Kia car or SUV and ensure it has a long life with you. As a trusted Kia dealer near Kennesaw we work with the same customers for years for all their needs; whether it is servicing repair or a new car as well as their friends and family. This is a testament to how beneficial developing a relationship what your Kia dealership is.

Visit The Kia Dealership That Kennesaw Trusts

Choosing a new Kia car or SUV is a sound investment and choosing Ed Voyles Kia dealership near Kennesaw just makes sense. We invite you to check out the amazing offers on new and certified pre-owned Kia cars & SUVs. Contact Ed Voyles Kia near Kennesaw and schedule a test drive of your favorite new Kia model. Take advantage of our online tools and save time and money when you visit our Kia dealership near Kennesaw.