Why Choose Kia Soul Near Atlanta

September 3rd, 2021 by

New Kia Soul Near Atlanta

Why should you choose the new Kia Soul near Atlanta? Every car in the market has something slightly different to offer from others but there are very few cars that are truly unique. The 2022 Kia Soul is one of those vehicles. The funky vibe and boxy design make it tough to compare with any other SUV out there. The compact cabin and low-profile body make it look more like a hatchback than an SUV, but not quite. It comes with versatility and technological advancements that younger consumers prefer.

The new Kia Soul model is similar to the previous year’s model other than the rear occupant alert feature which is a new addition. This feature alerts the driver if any passengers are left alone in the vehicle. There are a few trims added too; namely the X-Line and GT-Line.

The Atlanta New Kia Soul Has Features For Everyone

The new Kia Soul available near Atlanta has created something for everyone. The 6 trims don’t leave you wanting for more. Starting with the LX model which is the most inexpensive and moving up to the Turbo mode. Between these, you have the, S, GT-Line, X-Line, and EX models. Each of these trims comes with its own set of advantages and customers have the choice to choose which set of features appeal to them the most and fall within their budget.

Tech For Days On The 2022 Kia Soul

All the trims of the 2022 Kia Soul near Atlanta come with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, and a large touchscreen. This is perfect for those who prefer to be always available on their smartphones apps at all times. The first four trims have a 7-inch touchscreen while the top two ones come with a 10.25-inch touchscreen. All the touchscreens are equipped with integrated navigation, HD Radio, and SiriusXM Satellite Radio.

Smart Key

The Turbo and EX trim does not require you to put a key into the ignition and start it, instead, the driver can just push a button on their Smart Key to get the car going. Whether you are inside your house or near the vehicle, you can get the car started and ready with your preferred temperature for your drive. No need to wait around in the Atlanta heat for your car to heat up or cool down to the perfect temperature.

Unique Appearance Of The New Kia Soul Inside & Out

The upright stance and cubic shape of the Kia Soul near Atlanta give it a distinct look. People residing in urban areas with tight parking spots prefer the less wide and lengthy design. The tailgate has curves and angles while the front has narrow headlights and a grille. No matter which side you look at the new Soul from, it stands out amongst its peers.

The passengers have more than 100 cubic feet of space to make the most of. While looking in at the new Soul from the outside, the back seats might not seem so roomy but in reality, the 38.8 inches of leg space available to the rear-seat passengers is much more than what other SUVs have to offer.

Approximately 24 cubic feet of cargo area is available at the back and with the rear seats down, it can go up to 62 cubic feet.

Engine Types Available On The Atlanta Kia Soul

While comparing the Atlanta Kia Soul and its competitors, you’d be quite satisfied with the power of the standard engine. Other than the Turbo, all of the trims come with a 2.0-liter engine and a 147-horsepower, and a torque of 132 pound-feet. You can either choose an intelligent variable transmission with this engine or six-speed manual transmission.

The Turbo trim comes with greater capability than the other trims and might interest drivers looking for more power. Even though the 1.6-liter engine in this trim is smaller than the standard one, it has a turbocharger which elevates the horsepower to 201 and a torque of 195 pound-feet. The seven-speed thanks to the dual-clutch transmission makes the drive much more thrilling.

Impressive Gas Mileage

A single tank of gas can take you quite far on the new Kia Soul. The Turbo trim can give you up to 32 miles per gallon on the highway and 27 miles in the city while the other trims can easily go up to 29 mpg in the city and 35 MPG on the highway.

New Kia Soul In Atlanta Has No Shortage Of Safety Features

Almost all the new Kia Soul trims in Atlanta have a number of driver-assist technologies. The S trims have forward collision avoidance assist, this helps warn the driver about any possible problems and hit the brakes if an accident is unavoidable. If the driver isn’t in a lane’s center, lane-keeping assist comes into place as well as blind-spot monitoring which prevents drivers from hitting vehicles on their side. Some other features that can hit the brake to avoid an accident are the rear cross-traffic collision assist and driver attention alert system.

The 2022 Kia Soul Is Worth A Test Drive In Atlanta

The 2022 Kia Soul is worth taking a test drive in Atlanta. The new Soul is a smart choice for those who are on a budget but do not want to compromise on advanced features. If you’re ready to experience the 2022 Kia Soul in Atlanta, we encourage you to reach out and schedule a test drive of this unique North Georgia preferred SUV. Value your trade online and estimate payment plans ahead of time with our convenient online features.